Professional Detailing in Tenafly New Jersey

Detailing in Tenafly New jersey

Exterior Detailing Services:

Guardian Paint Enhancement:

Advanced Wash + Clay Bar, 1 step Polish (Adds Clarity & Gloss reducing scratches and defects), Plastic trim dressing/UV protection, and Wax

  • Cars: $275+tax
  • Suv and Trucks: $300+tax
    • Add Silica Hydrophobic Sealant for longer lasting protection and shine(can lasts up to 6 months) $30

Advanced Wash:

Hand Wash, Iron Fallout Remover Decon, Door Jambs cleaned, Clean Wheels and Tires, Tire dressing, Clean Windows, and Wax

  • Cars: $85+tax
  • Suv and Trucks: $95+tax
    • Add Silica Hydrophobic Sealant for longer lasting protection and shine ( can lasts up to 6 months) $30

Express Wash:

Hand Foam Wash, Clean Face of Wheels and Tires, Clean Windows, and Tire dressing

  • Cars: $45+tax
  • Suv and Trucks: $50+tax
interior detailing in Tenafly New Jersey

Interior Detailing Services:

Guardian Full Interior:

Full top to bottom interior detail.  Deep cleaning all surfaces, Carpets and mats, Windows, Doors panels, Vents, and crevices cleaned. Leather cleaned and conditioned, and surfaces Guarded with UV protection. *Prices are depending on vehicles condition (pet hair, stains, spills, sand, etc) and are up to 1 set of mats – additional fee may apply*

  • Single Row: starting at $175+tax
  • 2 Rows: starting at $200+tax
  • 3 Rows: starting at $240+tax
    • Ozone Treatment –  An ozone generator will be placed in your vehicle for a designated amount of time, depending on the strength of the odor. As the gas spreads through your car it kills bacteria causing smell neutralizing the odor. Starting at $50

Advanced Interior Maintenence Detail:

Vacuum, Doors panels, Dash Center Console wiped and Guarded with UV protection. Clean windows (Does not include trunk)

  • Single Row: $70+tax
  • 2 Row: $80+tax
  • 3 Row: $90+tax

Why Autoguard Detailing?

Autoguard Detailing’s expert technicians use the best tools and products available to produce detailing that satisfies and lasts for months or years, not just for days. When it comes to car detailing and protective services in Tenafly New Jersey, there truly is no one better than us to keep your car looking and feeling like new again!

With years of experience in the industry, we can provide you with professional services that will leave your vehicle looking like new.

Reach out today for more information on how our company can help to restore your car back to a factory-like condition – whether its a full detail, ceramic coating or paint correction we have you covered.