Autoguard Exterior Detailing in New Jersey

Exterior Detailing Services:

*Prices may vary depending on vehicles condition and size*

Click here to learn about Paint Correction, Headlight Restoration, Engine Bay cleaning.

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Express Car Wash: 

Hand Wash, Clean Face of Wheels and Tires, Clean Windows, and Tire dressing

  • Cars:  $45+tax
  • SUV/Trucks:  $50+tax

Advanced – Wash and Wax:

Hand Wash, Iron Fallout Remover Decon, Door Jambs cleaned, Clean Wheels, Wheel Wells and Tires, Tire dressing, Clean Windows, and Wax

  • Cars:  $85+tax
  • SUV/Trucks:  $95+tax
    • Add Silica Hydrophobic Sealant for longer lasting protection and shine ( can lasts up to 6 months) $30
    • Add Plastic trim dressing for a UV protective layer on plastic trim starting at $10

Guardian – Paint Enhancement and Shine:

Hand Wash, Windows cleaned, Clean Wheels/Wheel Wells and Tires, Tire dressing, Door Jambs, Clay Bar Decontamination, Single step Polish/Paint Enhancement (Adds Clarity & Gloss giving your paint more depth and an overall improved look), Plastic trim dressing/UV protection, and Wax

  • Cars:  $275+tax
  • SUV/Trucks:  $300+tax
    • Add Silica Hydrophobic Sealant for longer lasting protection and shine(can lasts up to 6 months) $30
wash and protected

Washing your car is like brushing your teeth or taking a shower, you just feel better afterward!

Just like regular maintenance keeps your car running better for longer, Regular washes keeps your car or truck looking like new. So take pride in your ride, because if you don’t care for it who will?

The battle your car goes through on a daily basis

Temperature accelerates problems. The acids in bugs, bird droppings, pollen, tree sap, and leaves become more active through heat and eventually start eating away at your paint surface and trim.  Moisture from rain and snow causes oxidation and sooner or later rust! Adding Waxes, Sealants, and other Coatings puts a shield between the harsh elements and can save you a premature trip to the paint booth.


Your wheels are the closest thing to road grime and brake dust which clings to wheels and hubcaps and can actually etch into them causing damage.  The longer it sets in the more damage it causes.

Protect your Investment

The fact is the average length of time drivers keep a new vehicle is six years. So most likely you are going to sell your car and a good finish on your vehicle means a higher resale or trade-in value. Our exterior detailing services help keep your car looking its best to hold more value.